"Volunteer for Fun Glow 5k and become part of the official Glow Team! "                                                                                                         

What will you get for volunteering?

  • Free Entry to Fun Glow 5K
  • Free T-Shirt 
  • Volunteer credit (we work with local charities, and all volunteers are eligible for community hours or volunteer credit)
  • The most exciting experience of your life! 

What will I do as a volunteer?

As a volunteer you will get a chance to be involved in many of the fun aspects of the event below.

  • Throwing glow stick and cheering participants as they run through the glow zones.
  • Handing water out to our thirsty participants at the water glow stations.
  • Help manage the start line.
  • Work with event stage crew during the event on and around the stage (high energy area)
  • Registration tent, help us manage and check in the thousands of participants.
  • Set up or tear down team. Help our crew set up and tear down the course. 

These volunteer spots are available on a first come first serve basis and are subject to change at the discretion of the event.



"Life is fun when you glow!"

If you are part of a large group/organization that can provide 10+ volunteers, please contact info@funglow5k.com,  you may be eligible for a free booth in our venue area!

*Please click below to see volunteer position's and register for a position.

*Waivers are required to volunteer. 

***Please download volunteer waiver here***